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The best waffles in Amsterdam 


When in Amsterdam you got to eat waffles, because this is typical Dutch food! Strange as it sounds, most waffle places in Amsterdam serve Belgian ‘Liege style’ waffles. These are made from dough with huge amounts of butter and sugar. In The Happy Pig Pancake Shop Amsterdam we just love the traditional old-fashioned light and crispy Dutch waffles, freshly made with batter.

With the help of a staff-member’s grandma and some considerable research we developed our irresistible light and crispy Dutch waffle. You can eat it plain, with butter and sugar, but it’s even better with a fruit, like strawberries or banana. Or you can top your waffle off with chocolate-hazelnut sauce, caramel sauce, cream or organic ice cream…

 wafel suiker DSC_1323kl.jpg
wafel 1.jpg
wafel DSC_1349 kl.jpg

Still life with waffles.

Some history of the waffle

Waffles are known for ages in a lot of countries and they come in very different shapes. It is not known who ever started baking flat cakes between two hot irons. According to some historians this started already in the Bronze Age or in the Iron Age. Probably waffle pastry was initially made, like bread, as a flat cake made of coarsely crushed wheat with milk and honey. The Dutch word ‘wafel’ was first mentioned in 1450. The word ‘waffle’ first appears in the English language in 1725: ‘Waffles. Take flower, cream...’ It is directly derived from the Dutch “wafel”, which itself derives from the Middle Dutch “wafele”.


In Holland waffles were never an ordinary food. Waffles were eaten specifically at New Year’s eve and at fairs. During these occasions local bakeries competed with each other for the best waffle in the city.


But hey: nowadays as a waffle lover, you’re in luck! For everyone who craves a waffle (or two, we won’t judge), there’s The Happy Pig Pancake Shop. Come by and taste the best waffles Amsterdam has to offer!

Our top 3 best waffles in Amsterdam

Craving for the best waffles in Amsterdam? Looking for the best spot to go grab some, either for breakfast, lunch, or just as a delicious Dutch snack? Look no further! At The Happy Pig Pancake Shop we serve real Dutch waffles: light and crispy. We have some of the best waffles in town, as you’ll come to find. You’re hereby invited to taste one (or two) and discover the authentic Amsterdam waffle!

There’s only one kind of waffle that can be classified as ‘the best’’ – and that’s a waffle with organic ingredients! We’ll have it know that our authentic Dutch waffles are made with 80% organic ingredients. Here’s a sneak peek of our favourites!

  1. Dutch waffle with powdered sugar and butter – this sweet Dutch classic will make your mouth water. Guaranteed.

  2. Dutch waffle with homemade buttery salted caramel sauce – perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

  3. Classic Dutch waffle with strawberriers and whipped cream – another authentic classic!

Wanna take a look at all our waffles? See our delicious menu right here!

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