Dutch pancake with strawberries

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Best pancakes Amsterdam

Home of the original Rolled Pancakes

Pancake with applemix filling

‘The pancakes came packed full with goodness and we licked our spoons to get every little bit.’

‘Highlight of our trip!’

‘Such a cute little place to get the most amazing pancakes.’

The best pancakes in Amsterdam at The Happy Pig Pancake Shop!

I’m the owner of The Happy Pig Pancake Shop in Amsterdam. And I cordially invite you to come and try our authentic Dutch pancakes in the heart of the city.


Come to The Happy Pig Pancake Shop to taste the best pancakes in Amsterdam! The best pancakes in Amsterdam should be enjoyed with the best company. That’s why we made The Happy Pig Pancake Shop a welcoming corner in an otherwise busy city.


Our opening hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday ‘till Saturday and from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sundays. You are most welcome at our shop on the Rosmarijnsteeg 12!

Why we have the best pancakes in Amsterdam? Well, if you ask the chef, it’s our premium organic ingredients that deliver that authentic Dutch taste. But honestly, you should just come try and taste ‘em yourself. And not only taste, but also smell, see and experience!

Our top 5 best pancakes in Amsterdam

It’s hard to take sides, but we all have our favorites every now and then. So, to help you with your pancake choice, I’ve listed some of my own favorites here.

  1. (vegan) Pancake with strawberries and chocolate-hazelnut sauce – I mean, that already sounds delicious, doesn’t it? If available (and for a great deal of the time: they are) we make sure to get the freshest strawberries. And rest assured, that’s something you’ll notice while eating one of our vegan pancakes with fresh strawberries!

  2. Buckwheat (gluten-light) pancake with Gouda cheese, bacon and maple syrup – too good to pass up! I’m sure you’ll lick your spoons to get the very last bit of this delicious gluten-light pancake.

  3. Vegan pancake with our very own Apple mix and maple syrup – a homemade combination of apple, raisins, cinnamon and toasted almond slices, topped with organic maple syrup.

  4. Orient Express pancake – a pancake with delicious gouda cheese, chef Henny’s world famous cilantro sauce and fresh tomatoes. You like it hot? Ask for some of chef Henny’s super-hot sauce.

  5. Everybody’s Sweetheart – a pancake with banana, chocolate hazelnut sauce and toasted almond slices. Also a perfect vegan choice!

Are you visiting our capital and looking for the best pancakes in Amsterdam and fun things to do in Amsterdam? Do you like a free and welcoming atmosphere? Then you should come by The Happy Pig Pancake Shop in the very heart of the city. A lot of people say that here you’ll find the best pancakes Amsterdam has to offer. You can choose between organic wheat, vegan and vegan/buckwheat ('gluten light') pancakes. Choose a mouth-watering sweet or savoury filling like apple mix, fresh fruit, Gouda cheese, organic bacon or homemade chilli. Then go ahead and pick one (or more!) of our delicious toppings!

We take pride in our authentic Dutch pancakes

So, what do you think? Anything on the menu for you? There’s tons of choice in our shop, so rest assured you can build your own pancake to your heart’s delight!

The Happy Pig Pancake Shop is the only pancake house in Amsterdam that’s located on the Spuistraat. While there are other pancake restaurants around, we do hope you choose our shop and experience the authentic Dutch taste.

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