We set the highest standards for the products we use. Whenever possible we use organic products. But unfortunately they are not always available and not every product is available in an organic version. In any case, you can be 100% sure that we use the following certified products:

 Organic eggs

EKO Ei Glorie Vermeulen located in Velzen is our egg supplier. Organic eggs are laid by hens that get fed exclusively with organic fodder. The animals have a large barn and an open field to the disposal.

Organic milk, cheese and butter

Organic milk comes from cows that have comfortable stables. They spend at least 120 days a year in the pastures. There they eat fresh grass, clovers and herbs. The pastures are not chemically fertalized and no pesticides are used. Their winter diet consists or organically grown fodder.

Organic flour

The organic flour for our pancakes and waffles comes from Dutch and German farms and is provided by the small family business De Zuidmolen (South Mill), at an old flour mill in the rural East of The Netherlands.

Organic bananas

Our ‘Golden’ organic bananas come from South and Central America, and because of the ideal climate, they are available almost all year around. The farmers do not use chemical or sunthetic pesticides.

Organic ghee

We bake our pancakes in organic ghee. The is clarified butter from which water and milk solids have been removed. Ayurverdic health teachings from India consider ghee as one of the foods that contribute most to good health.

Organice chocolate-hazenut sauce

Our famous chocolate-hazelnut sauce is made from 100% natural ingredients, without coloring, preservatives and artificial flavors. the farmers from Peru, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic get a fair price for their products.


Our bacon, ham, honey, maple syrup, agave syrup, cinnamon and most of our jams and sugar are organic/EKO certified. We use organice/EKO certified, fair trade or direct trade. Our cups, pancake trays, napkins, forks and straws are biodegradable.

Organic or bio?

Products with the European organic logo meet the strict requirements that the European law imposes on organic farming and food production. Organic farmers  do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers and organic products do not contain artificial flavors or colors and no genetically modified ingredients are used. The farmers also meet the requirements regarding the environment and animal welfare, such as larger housing. Besides the European organic logo national and regional labels may be used. The Dutch ‘EKO’ logo van thus be seen next to the European ‘organic’ logo. There is no difference between products with the ‘EKO’ logo and those with the ‘organic’ logo.